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Before you call or email, please review our payment policy CLICK HERE.


  MSRP:  (Call for actual price!)
Net Integrator Lite: $1,995
Net Integrator Mark I: $2,995
Net Integrator Mark II: $4,995
Extended Warranty: $495 (at time of purchase) $695 (after the fact)
Two Year Extended Warranty: $995 (at time of purchase)
One Year Anti-Virus Protection: $795
Two Years Anti-Virus Protection: $1,295


Upgrade:    Cost:
Enable Peripheral Network:    $400.00
Gain "root" access to Interjet:     $200.00
Install to 16 Meg Ram:     $75.00
Install to 32 Meg Ram:    $125.00
Install to 64 Meg Ram:    $225.00
Upgrade Modem to 56K:    $225.00
Upgrade 1gig hard drive TO 2gig hd
(make model 100 hd same as model 120):
Upgrade to 3 gig hd:     $250.00
Upgrade to 6 gig hd:     $300.00 <==Oooohhhh. Cool!
Same-Day Turnaround, Add:    Included -- No extra fee!
The Loaner, Add:
We send you a working unit, you copy your system configuration to this unit.  You send us your unit to be upgraded.  We send you your upgraded unit.  You return the "loaner" to us. 
  $100 fee + shipping.  $600 security deposit‡
We send you a working UPGRADED unit.  You send us back your working unit. 
  $200 fee + shipping. $600 security deposit‡
Rental:     $50.00 per week.
Pre-install your configuration:    $100.00 if taken from the unit you send in.
  $150.00 if sent in via e-mail to pre-install on either "the loaner" or "trade-up" units
California Residents Add:    8.25% sales tax on all items except shipping.
Two week loan period included in fee.  Units not returned within two weeks will be charged Rental rate.

** Battery replacement is do-it-yourself.

Telephone Technical Support:


Hourly Rate - (15 minute minimum): 


Symptoms: Repair:    Cost:
Passes memory test but won't boot Replace Hard Drive:     $250
Passes memory test but won't boot Reinstall Operating System:     $195
If you unplug the unit by the cord and it turns off immediately without going through a "nice" shutdown, then your battery is dead.  This is very dangerous as this kind of power failure WILL ruin your operating system / hard drive.
Click HERE for more info.
Replacement Battery:     $65
Does not pass memory test Replace Ram:     32 meg = $125
  64 meg = $225
Erratic Behavior, crashing, won't boot, won't test memory, other odd symptoms. Replace Motherboard:    $600
No power Bad Power Switch: 
Bad Power Supply: 
Dead Motherboard:  
 To Be Quoted.
Bad Power Supply Replace Power Supply:     $75
Diagnose problem:  
Fee will be applied to repair cost.  
 $100 (or less)

Shipping Method:  Approximate Cost:
UPS Ground:    $28.85
UPS Orange (3 Day):    $45.95
UPS Blue (2 Day):    $63.15
UPS Red (Overnight, 10:30 delivery to USA):    $86.90
Fed Ex Overnight:    $Current Rate
Your Method & Shipper:    $Your Choice
Remember, since the client pays shipping both ways, we can use your account number with major shipping companies for your convenience.

Payment Methods: 
American Express
Certified Check / Money Order (Sent With Unit)

Tel: 1-888-311-3305  / Fax: 1-925-939-8966   email:
Mailing address:  2116 N Main St Ste G, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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