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Net Integrator Utilities

Hardware Test CD Test to see if your hardware will run NITIX operating system.  This is a CD .ISO image.  Download the image, and burn it to a CD-ROM with your CD-ROM burner.  Then run the program on the computer your are considering for NITIX.

Trial Version Of Operating System NITIX Trial version of the NITIX operating system.  This system is limited to 3 users and will expire on:

May 30, 2004

Download and try out the software.  Each trial operating system image is only valid until the date above.  If this date has neared or passed and you would like to try the software, please call us at 1-888-311-3305 to obtain a new 30 day trial.


Tel: 1-888-311-3305  / Fax: 1-925-939-8966   email:
Mailing address:  2116 N Main St Ste G, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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