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Urgent Support Issue

2010-02-08: NITIX email not processing properly //RESOLVED//

2010-02-08:  10:00AM Pacific Time:

Anti-Virus is DOWN system-wide.  Affecting all NITIX boxes, you may experience inability to receive emails, or emails with attachments.  IBM is aware of the problem and working on it.  Check back here for an update.


2010-02-08  2:30 PM Pacific Time.

Resolution procedure:

  • Telnet to server                                                     
  • move to the AVP folder     cd var/AVP                                  
  • remove the application.dat file      rm application.dat                  
  • force an update of the definitions      wv update-virus

Error condition should clear and definitions should begin downloading.  The download may take as much as 2.5 hrs.

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